Why an inventory system is not a good feature for your restaurant?

One of the most important assets of a company is its inventory. All elements of the supply chain come together in inventory management. Inventory management is an essential process in many different businesses ranging from retail sales to manufacturing industries but not necessary for the restaurant industry. 

In the current era of inventory management, we can see that spreadsheets, hand-counting stock levels, and manual order placement have been largely eliminated in favor of advanced inventory tracking software, and POS systems are also being used for inventory management. 

Software for restaurant inventory management is designed specifically for F&B businesses. Rather than your inventory being your end product, restaurant inventory management tools recognize that items are often put together to create a meal or menu item. 

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However, unless you are running a restaurant like a swiss watch, measuring every ingredient to the milliliter and ensuring a more-than-perfect SOP, e.i. using the exact same quantity of ingredient in each dish, chances are, you will never use, or quickly stop using the Inventory System built-in your POS System. 

But since all our competitors are offering this “magic” feature, a soon-to-be restaurant owner will quickly rank this as an important criteria in the decision making. Don’t let them sweet talk you, you will never fully use this feature, or you will quickly abandon it when you realize the extra work and headaches of matching the real stock with the POS’s figures will impose on your kitchen staff.   

85% of the restaurants owners have admitted overestimating the Inventory Management option on their POS system.    

Restaurant inventory management software offers a number of features not found in other inventory management tools. Specifically designed for food stock, the inventory management system is usually oriented around stock management features for keeping a catalog up-to-date.

But some points are virtually impossible with an achieved system. 

Even though experimenting with your POS inventory management system can be a great way to get comfortable with managing your inventory digitally, POS inventory management systems are limited. Usually, these tools are built for retail businesses and not restaurants. Consequently, they don’t have the complexities necessary for restaurant inventory tracking.

You’ll find that your POS’s inventory management lacks features or requires loopholes to make a retail feature work in a kitchen. Many POS inventory management systems lack key features such as barcode scanning, scale integration, recipe creation, and less or full stock management.