Successfully completed 3 months training of Web Development Foundation course at Z Valley and acquired valuable skills in the field of web development. Gained a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and MySQL. Further strengthened my problem solving skills and logical thinking abilities by successfully solving several coding problems.

Developed an e-commerce website for an online store featuring products of a certain brand. Took help from mentor to understand the basics of e-commerce development such as database design, payment gateway integration, product category tagging and UI/UX Design.

Gained hands-on experience in developing projects with ReactJS library by developing a ToDo list application from scratch. Implementing basic user authentication system using Nodejs, JWT authentication and MongoDB to store user data securely. Explored GraphQL concepts and implemented them in a React application to query the database.

Built a student management system, which was used to store and manage data of all the students studying in different batches. Used ExpressJS as backend server and MySQL database for storing the student’s information. Developed several features like adding student, editing existing records, deleting records and generating reports.

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