get your customers

to come back more often

Data-driven Loyalty schemes

Dinex Loyalty brings amazing customizability to its reward plan setup engine. From topping up gift cards with money in offices or restaurants and using them for payments at participating venues, to offering points/discounts based on quantity/value of purchases – the possibilities are endless! On top of that, detailed audit trails provide a record for all modifications made within the system.

It's a relationship really

Every customer is important to a restaurant’s success – especially in today’s competitive market. Loyalty programs can be an effective way of bringing customers back, as they offer financial incentives that keep diners coming through the door and talking about the establishment with their networks. With this strategy, you not only create loyal regulars but even attract one-time window buyers who could become lifelong fans!

Increase Sales now

Loyalty programs have become a powerful way to harness the power of customer loyalty. Customers appreciate being rewarded for sticking with a product or service, and it’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to make their mark on customers – especially if they offer hefty savings or discounts as part of the program. Additionally, incorporating rewards that connect users socially creates further incentive to recommend your business among peers and potentially expand user bases organically through word-of-mouth marketing.