5 professional tips on choosing a restaurant POS System

Not so long ago, POS systems were merely an upscaled cash register, but software programming evolved, and POS system today are a full-grown operating world. Installing such system in your restaurant will greatly change the way your operate your business on a day-to-day basis. Upgrading to a new Point-of-Sale for your business can be intimidating as the number of offers is getting greater by the day. It can seem overwhelming. Choosing the features that are essentials for your company is the first step. Here are 5 key features you should consider:

At this point, it does not really matter if you are opening a new restaurant or investing in a new system; Carefully consider your current and eventually future needs and start comparing.

Is it user-friendly and simple to navigate?

Most IT companies will present products with the same basic features, such as the ability to assigned waiters, place orders, create sales receipts and so forth. However, not all programmes’ interfaces are designed and displayed in the same way, each system has its own interface and rarely can you actually modify it on your own, nor will the company offer this additional service. So make sure, you and your crew are easily acquainted with the interface. In this day in age, we are all computer literate and very familiar with very common functionality, it is easy to recognize a user-friendly programme. The easier and familiar the interface is, the less time you will spend on training.

Is it mobile?

A normal POS system will grant you access to many records, like sales or inventory, however, in our modern times, you may need to access that information whenever and wherever, and this is when mobile functionality is important. So do check with the supplier if the data (all or partial) is stored in the cloud for faster and easier access. Restaurant managers are on the move, they cannot be pinned down in their office to view and analyse important data. They need to be able to access their business anytime, and anywhere.

Does it offer in-depth sales reports?

Most programs on the market will offer you your current and past sales, they will probably turn it into a nice graph or pie chart for better visualization, yet, with all the information collected from your terminals and other iPads, well engineered software can go way beyond these simple illustrations. Now, you can see which products performs best in certain periods, which combined series products are most demanded, the rotation of stocks and so much more. If combined with a loyalty program you can even measure the impact of a gender on certain goods.

Does it use reliable, customizable hardware?

When installing a POS system, there are actually 2 very distinct parts: the software and the hardware. Most providers sell their software, this is the most important and relevant aspect of the system; this is where companies make their money, on they know-how and engineering skills. The hardware, on the other hand is secondary, though crucial in terms of efficiency. Your software provider either has material in stock or has a lits of potential suppliers in town. Nevertheless, do make sure that you can easily and flawlessly upgrade your monitors, printers and mobile device at any point in time, moreover, ensure you can expand the system without having to reconfigure the whole programme. You don’t want to jeopardize your operation on the count that the OS is up for maintenance.

Is it secure for my customers?

Your system may be sparkling with various features and widgets, but it won’t mean much if your customers’ payment information isn’t entirely safe and secured. Any POS that allows direct payment comes with a threat. First, check the industry standards and government regulations regarding online security. Then again, most financial transaction are actually operated on the bank’s secured server, so you need to work with a bank that has a clean record, in terms on online translation. To be safe, your POS system should refrain from storing any bank or card information, that way your outlet will remain out of arms way.

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